The way we see it, life is enriched by the beauty and artistry we surround ourselves with. Artisanal craftsmanship breathes soul into our surroundings, connecting us with centuries of humanity's dedication to creating art from their hands.

There is something quaint, yet magnificently bigger than our selves, about touching, feeling, owning something that was birthed in an artist's mind. We understand it was once just pieces, stray elements, lacking cohesion. At Preserved Art we see what's in those elements. We give them a heart, a home, a family of harmonious details. Our preserved pieces are whole and happy when entering your home, bringing with them a history, and joining you in your journey towards the future.

In 2005, Dr Delphinium Designs, Preserved Art's parent company, had a vision to create a longer-lasting version of their prominent and celebrated design work. With a long-standing history of offering premium floral arrangements in luxurious color and design-schemes, the idea to present preserved flowers in the same way was born.

Fresh flowers, grasses, wheats and more are dried with a technique that leaves them soft, vibrant, lush and lifelike. Sometimes (oftentimes) mistaken for flowers still in bloom, these designs give the illusion of freshly-picked flowers with incredible longevity.

Our floral compositions and wreaths change with the seasons. In spring we fancy roses, gradients of delicate color: the first sunset after the snow melts, the pale yellow of blooms bursting open, freshly-plucked lavender. In autumn we excitedly carry armfuls of wheat to the workroom, pair it with sunflowers, or spiced orange peels, creating a wreath for your door, or a centerpiece for your table.

Our hope is to forever fill your home with that transcendental quality the art of flowers begets. We've preserved them for you so that their long-lasting presence makes its mark in your memories.

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